2018 Clinical Practice Guidelines

2014 Treatment Guidelines


Do NOT use these new CPGs until directed to do so by your Agency EMS Chief!

Continue to use these TGs until further notice from your Agency EMS Chief!


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2018 BioTel Clinical Practice Guidelines
(Updated: 12/05/2018)

2014-2019 BioTel Treatment Guidelines
(Updated 12/28/2018)


2018 BioTel PEDI-Guide
(Updated 11/12/2018; Uploaded 12/12/2018)

2014-2018 EMS Alerts
(Legacy BioTel EMS Alerts)


November 2018 Corrections Summary
(Corrections since September 2018)
(Updated: 12/05/2018)

2014-2018 EMS Training Bulletins
(Legacy BioTel EMS Training Bulletins)


September 2018 Change Summary
(Major revisions & updates from 2014 TGs)
(Upload date: 11/13/2018)


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